Monday, January 22, 2018


Mommy couldn't get me to move. I am the king of my domain (like there was any doubt).

Being a Woman is Mommy's Super Power

Mommy, Auntie Rachel and Auntie Linda joined the 2018 Women's March in Chicago this past weekend. Enough said.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I Can See Clearly

Mommy was horrified when she picked me up from daycare last week. I was dirty.  She gave me a bath, but she still thought I was dirty. So, I got a bath and a haircut over the weekend.

And I agree I look - and feel - so much better.

Now I only have eyes for Mommy.

Ice In to Ice Out

Mommy took these beautiful photos of the Chicago River last week. The temps earlier in the week were below freezing. Later in the week, in the 50's.

I Can't be Bothered

I was tired last week, catching up on my sleep since I was at daycare for six days.

And then Mommy just had to make the bed (and woke me up).

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm Back

I'm back home, but not before I let Mommy know how pissed I was that she spent the week away from me. You see, Mommy had to travel for business this past week. And that meant I went to daycare again. I love my friends, but I had spent 10 days out of a 15 day period there. I was ready to go home.

So I went running through the water and food right before Mommy came to pick me up. This is what she got for leaving me.

She wasn't too pleases. So I had to go into the bath when I got home. But at least I was home, and with Mommy!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Just Say Cheese

Boy, it's cold outside. Stay warm.

Mommy and I were trying to keep warm yesterday. I was so distracted by the cold that I didn't realize Mommy was trying to take our photo.

Mommy finally had to say, Cosmo look up and the camera and smile.

Mommy thought it was pretty funny that I did what she asked me. I think I look pretty cute.